Plasma Mobile: weekly update: part 4

Oct 25, 2019 • Plasma Mobile team

The Plasma Mobile team is happy to present the fourth weekly blogpost. This week’s update features various shell user-interface improvements, bug fixes as well as polishing of various applications.

Shell User Interface

Plasma Mobile now uses the same notification code that is used on the desktop, which has received some slight adjustments when running on a phone (Marco Martin).

The dialer now uses the SearchField component from Kirigami, giving it the same look and feel as in similar places (Jonah Brüchert).

The icons in the top drawer are consistently monochrome now (Nicolas Fella).


When plugging in a SIM card the SIM pin page now appears correctly again (Bhushan Shah).

Settings Application:

The WiFi settings have received an overhaul. Distinguishing the active connection is now easier due to connections being grouped by their state. Furthermore, it’s now possible to forget a connection that has been used before (Nicolas Fella).

WiFi config module


In our calendar app navigating to the previous/next month can now be done by swiping up/down.

The calendar selection in the left drawer now clearly indicates the currently active calendar (Dimitris Kardarakos).

Calindori calendar selection


Our browser has received fixes for visual glitches in the URL completion. It is now possible to request the desktop version of a site if desired. The history is now sorted by the last time a site was accessed (Jonah Brüchert).

Angelfish web browser side drawer


Our public transport assistant has received some visual improvements. It now also shows more types of transport when using the Deutsche Bahn backend (Nicolas Fella).

A connection view in KTrip


Plasma 5.17 is now available in postmarketOS, now also including Plasma Phonebook (Bart Ribbers).

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