Plasma Mobile: weekly update: part 6

Nov 8, 2019 • Plasma Mobile team

The Plasma Mobile team is happy to present the sixth weekly blogpost. This week’s update is full of application updates, which is in line with KDE’s goal of KDE is all about apps.



Kirigami’s Card component now uses gradient stops instead of blur, which improves performance on low performance GPUs. The ColumnView component has improved flicking behavior, its flicking gestures should now feel more natural and easier to use.


The improved SelectionBar component behaves more like most touch applications in selection mode. Now the SelectionBar has a list of actions to perform on the selected files. The SelectionBar can still group files or items across different locations. A list is shown to peek at which files have been selected and allow adjusting the selection.

Index selection bar

The templated delegates used by Maui apps in list and grid views have been polished even more. Additionally, they are now used in more places.



The instant messaging actions in the phonebook now show the display name of the service instead of the protocol. Its editing mode now fits smaller screens and is displayed correctly. For this a fix has been landed in Kirigami.


The QR Code scanner now supports optauth:// uris, which will in the future be handled by the Keysmith application. It now also tries to set the camera to a specific format to prevent it being unable to decode an unexpected format.


Okular’s search bars now work correctly on Plasma Mobile.


In vvave tracks can now be quickly appended or removed from the main playlist using dedicated button. It also can save the current playlist to a personal playlist now.

vvave quick actions

The new focus view has been improved visually.

vvave focus view

vvave can quickly filter tracks if the list is big enough using the templated data models from MauiKit.

vvave filtering


Ofono phonesim, an application that can be used to develop SMS and telephony applications, now supports Qt 5 upstream.

Currently plasma-phone-components and plasma-nano repositories are part of playground, recently they were moved to kdereview, once the review process completes successfully, they will be moved to kde/workspace and will be released along with Plasma 5.18.


Some of us attended the Qt World Summit 2019 in Berlin. At our booth we demo’d Plasma Mobile running on Nexus 5X and Purism Librem 5 devkit.

PlaMo at QtWS 2019

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