The Plasma Mobile team is happy to present the blogpost with updates from week 9 and 10.



Calindori, the calendar application, now offers a flat event view which allows to show all events in single card list view. The events are sorted by start date.

Calindori showing flat event view


Kaidan, the Jabber/XMPP client, has had multiple changes merged, including a branch from pasnox to overhaul multimedia messages. This new change allows to:

  • Send voice and video messages from within the application.
  • Take photos from within the application.
  • Share your location in chat messages.
  • Play videos and sounds directly in the chats.

Kaidan also gained the capability to search through messages.


Jonah Brüchert merged several improvements in Spacebar, the application used to send SMS messages.

Spacebar was updated in postmarketOS by Bhushan Shah so that SMS now works correctly on supported devices.

Plasma Phonebook

Nicolas Fella committed a change to sort the contacts list and add section delegates. It now also shows the fallback avatar if a contact doesn’t have a picture.

Plasma Phonebook section delegates

Plasma Settings

Aleix Pol committed a change to save settings before closing a page as well as a change to call ::load on the configuration module. These two changes fix the translations KCM on mobile.

Translated discover application on PlaMo

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