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Plasma Mobile is built on top of KDE Frameworks. You can find download links for the stable releases of these on and its API documentation here.

Plasma and Plasma Phone Component

Plasma provides components for multi-device workspaces. Plasma desktop provides a stable, versatile and modular desktop. Plasma Mobile shares many components and all of its underlying architecture with Plasma desktop, but provides a UI and features necessary and useful on mobile devices. The idea is to provide a base platform, that can be augmented with device-specific modules. On a laptop, one would typically install plasma-workspace and plasma-desktop, while on a mobile device, one would install plasma-workspace and plasma-mobile and friends. None of the repositories conflicts with others, so it’s possible to provide a system with UIs for multiple formfactors, and decide at runtime, which UI to offer. You can find the source code tarballs of the stable releases of Plasma on or check the git repositories on


You can find the location of each code repository on the sidebar of

Build the source code

You can find general information on how to build KDE software, on our Getting Started page. We also have a section about Plasma Mobile.

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