Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Plasma Mobile not using Mer/Nemomobile?

Plasma Mobile is a software platform for mobile devices. It is not an operating system in of itself, it consists of Qt5, the KDE Frameworks, Plasma and various software that’s part of the application set. Plasma Mobile can work on top of the Mer distribution, but due to a lack of time and resources, we’re currently focusing on KDE Neon on PinePhone as a base for testing and development.

Can Android apps work on Plasma Mobile?

There are projects like Anbox which is Android running inside Linux container, and use Linux kernel to excute applications to achieve near native performance. This could be leveraged in the future to have Android apps running on top of a GNU/Linux system with the Plasma Mobile platform, but it’s a complicated task, and as of today(September 6th, 2020) some distributions already support Anbox and you can run Plasma Mobile on top of those distrobutions.

Can I run Plasma Mobile on my mobile device?

Currently, Plasma Mobile runs on the following device types:

I’ve installed Plasma Mobile, what is the login password?

If you’ve installed Neon onto your PinePhone via the installation script, the password should be “1234”, and you can then change it afterwards by running “passwd” in Konsole. For Manjaro it is 123456. When changing it, please keep in mind that you can currently only enter numbers on the lock screen.

If you’re using the x86 image, no password is set by default, and you’ll have to set it by running “passwd” in Konsole before you can authenticate for anything.

What’s the state of the project?

Plasma Mobile is currently under heavy development and is not intended to be used as a daily driver. If you are interested in contributing, join the game.