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General Tips

Copy a file to the phone via USB

To copy a file from your host-system to the phone:

$ scp /path/to/file phablet@

The password for the “phablet” user is “1234”.

Remote Connecting via USB

If your phone is connected via usb and running Plasma Mobile, it can be remotely controlled from the attached computer via command line using ssh:

$ ssh phablet@

The password is “1234”.

To easily establish a wifi connection, execute:

$ nmcli dev wifi con "ssid" password "password"

To resize the root partition on the phone, First reboot to recovery and then from adb shell, run following.

# e2fsck -yf /data/rootfs.img
# resize2fs -f /data/rootfs.img 1024000

This will double the size of the rootfs.


  • Use sudo to access the root user on phone, password for phablet user is 1234